Posted by EMG on Jun 06, 2017

The retiring (don't want to call them old) and new Presidents and Secretaries with AG Marcel Galiber at our Joint President's Council meeting on June 5th..

Starting on the left: Pres Carlyle Branker, SE Cheru Ross, Sec James Sealey and AC Lloyd Daniel, all from Rotary Club of St. Croix West, Pres Sandra Gerard and PE Beverly Hermon of our club (Sec Liz was taking the picture) AG Marcel Galiber, Pres Francois Dominique, PE Willard John from Rotary Club of St. Croix - MidIsle, Desiree Wilburg, Rotary Club of St. Croix - Harborside, SE Anestine Etienne, Sec Adrienne Seward both from MidIsle and PE Jennell Bryan from West.

Here's to a great year ahead!