The EarlyAct Club of Juanita Gardine School did a fabulous job on their International Understanding Project.  
Our EarlyActors really outdid themselves on June 8th with their International Understanding project.  They did the project during a joint meeting of our two clubs.
The EarlyActors were split into four groups and each did a presentation on a different Caribbean island.  They worked on their presentation at lunchtime over a number of weeks.  It started as one day a week and the last two weeks it was four days a week.  One of the most fun parts of the project was the opportunity of the EarlyActors to interview Rotarians from the islands via Zoom.  They spoke with Raymond Erb and other members of the Rotary Club of San Juan, Delicia Meyers from Rotaract in Trinidad and Tobago and Haynes Jacob from Dominica.  There were a number of attempts to connect with Peter Downes from Barbados but unfortunately it did not work out.  We thank all the Rotarians and Rotarators for spending time with our EarlyActors.
At the joint meeting Ameer Norman was presented his copy of the E-Club of the Caribbean's Butterfly Storybook.  Ameer's story, Goober and the Feel Good Juice was included in the book,  Ameer's story was the first of a St. Croix student to be included in the storybook.
On June 20th we attending the 6th grade graduation and said goodbye to half of our EarlyActors.  It has been our honor to work with these students this year and we will miss them.  
Ameer Norman and his dad Garry Norman.
The Trinidad and Tobago group.
All the groups.
Dr. Mark McGibbon thought he was there to say a few words but the students had a thank you for him.  Dr. McGibbon visited with the EarlyActors three times this year to share leadership skills with them.
The Barbados group gave President Sandra and Secretary Liz crowns and Principal Mcgregor and Assistant Principal Gordon gave them flowers as a Thank You for EarlyAct.