Posted on May 24, 2017
Sunday, May 21st was a busy day for the Rotary Club of St. Croix. 
The four St. Croix Rotary Clubs joined together to assist the Starkey Hearing Foundation during their VI Hearing Mission.  
Hundreds of people were tested to see if they need hearing aids and those that do will get them for free including free batteries and maintenance throughout their lives.  The clubs provided lunch for all the volunteers and snacks, coffee and bush teas to all the participants.
After that President Sandra and Secretary Liz went straight to the Iqra Academy Graduation at the St. Georges Botanical Gardens.  On the way they received a text message from Principal Janan Yusef stating that their keynote speaker could not make the ceremony and could we possibly help out.  She mentioned that there them was Be the Change.  Liz had on her VI Rotary shirt for the District Conference that had DG Haresh's Be the Change logo on the sleeve.  How apropos.   It turned out very nicely with a discussion on End Polio Now, Be the Change and an invitation to the graduates to get involved, join Rotaract.  An invitation was extended to all present to visit our club any Thursday.
Rotarian volunteers at the VI Hearing Mission - Jennell Bryan - West, Sweeney Toussaint, Pat Steele and Ishwar Daswani - MidIsle, and President Sandra and Secretary Liz, testing being conducted
Graduates Basima Safi Yusuf and Ali Amjad Yusuf with janan Yusuf, Sanabil Yusuf as Lady Liberty and Muhammad Yusuf as Albert Einstein.